What To Expect From Kincaid, Randall & Crane For My Elder Law And Guardianship Matter In Hilliard, Ohio?

A time can come when we face the daunting task of having a loved one not getting the care they need. This is an unfortunate situation that happens every day.

At Kincaid, Randall & Crane we look after the physical and financial well being of individuals who cannot sufficiently care for themselves. Our experiences include defending the rights of the elderly, intellectual disability, mentally ill and disabled. Knowledgeable in elder law, guardianship, and conservatorship, Kincaid, Randall & Crane ensures you never lose sleep over your loved one’s legal safety for those who live in Hilliard, Ohio.

Social Work & the Law

We differ from other firms by keeping a dedicated social worker on staff. This specialist works closely with clients, ensuring they are doing well. They make sure your loved ones receive care properly and respectfully, financially, and physically. We prevent and investigate neglect. Through this connection, Kincaid, Randall & Crane supplies someone to confide in, a friend.

We look out for those unable to look after themselves. Our goal is to bring peace of mind to the whole family.


Acquiring guardianship requires a deft hand and you will find one at Kincaid, Randall & Crane. We assist in the filing of documentation. We appear before administrative agencies and proffer an accounting of assets.

Where a person is legally incompetent and no next of kin is on record, the court can appoint an attorney at Kincaid, Randall & Crane to serve as guardian for that person’s care. This happens for several reasons. It can be due to family members, usually adult children, in disagreement over what to do. Sometimes it is because family lives out of state and cannot manage the day-to-day operations. After court appointment, we serve as guardians and legal counsel.

The Guardianship Lawyers Who Care

We are leaders in managing the legal affairs of the incapacitated. We are there when vulnerable adults and minors, the physically handicapped and mentally challenged, the elderly and more require their needs met through power of attorney, special needs trusts and living trusts.

Kincaid, Randall & Crane has seen the chaos when the unexpected happens. We have seen unprepared families tear themselves apart. And we have seen the pain of loved ones who simply do not have the facilities to help.

Guardianship ensures personal affairs and health care concerns get dealt with in proper fashion. We help in all aspects of guardianship. Our team of experts offer much needed one-on-one attention. There are no answers we cannot unearth to resolve your questions.

In the end though, understanding the complex and time-consuming process of guardianship is our job. But a big part of that is alleviating the concerns of all parties. To relieve you of the emotional burden that comes with wondering what happens next.

Kincaid, Randall & Crane represents the people of Hilliard, Ohio with guardianship, elder law and more.

If you need any legal matter regarding guardianship or any other family situation that requires legal counsel, you should call Kincaid, Randall & Crane at (614) 244-7193.